Kombate Lalle of Gbentchare

Here, you will read testimonies of the impact of ATAPEB's work.

This testimony was written in February 2016. Kombaté Lalle is an 18 year old girl in the village of Gbentchare where she is in her 4th year as an apprentice seamstress. Her parents did not send her to a local school which is in French. She started going to a Moba literacy class last year (2015) and is currently in her second year. This is a translation of the testimony which she herself wrote in Moba to show what she has benefited from having been in a Moba literacy class.

"I, Kombaté Lalle, write this to you who are in charge at ATAPEB. Greetings. I want to thank you for having started a Moba literacy class in our village of Gbentchare. This class helps those of us who had never been to school in French, and particularly in my life. It helps me in reading God's Word and in my apprenticeship. Before, when I did not know how to read, I used to be anxious in my apprenticeship. But now, I am confident and full of joy because I can read as well as write. Would I say that literacy is not good? Not at all, literacy is very good.

In reading the book "Mary Jones and her Bible" in Moba, I understood the sufferings of Mary, how she did all sorts of work as a child. This helped me a lot more in my life. I took courage and prayed that the Lord help me in my life as He helped Mary, because I suffer and am tried just like Mary during her father's illness. I learned how she yearned to go to school, how she looked after her father during his illness, how she suffered so much but the Lord was with her. I also wanted the Lord to help me through all sorts of trials so that I will be strong in Him.

Sirs, may the Lord bless you in the work He has given you, and help you to finish it. May the Lord's grace be with you. Amen."